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It’s very likely that many of your guests will arrive at your wedding armed with their smartphones. But are they a good or bad addition to weddings?

phones at wedding

Like any cell phone, a smartphone can be an unwanted distraction. If your guests leave their ringers on, or even go so far as to text or take calls during your wedding, the disruption is obvious.

However, with smartphones, there are also the potential distractions of social networking, news sites, and everything else the internet has to offer. It can also mean your guests are posting photos of your big day before it’s even over.

While this can be a positive thing – and photosharing apps can make it very easy for you to get loads of candid shots of your wedding – it can also be a potential negative. If you have a small guest list, friends who weren’t invited might feel even more left out as you get tagged in photos of people having a great time.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you might not have as much of a problem, particularly if your guests will face roaming charges. However, you can also request that they keep phones off, and photos offline, until after the wedding.

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